Pseudonym Jones is a bipedal creature controlled by the lump of meat and chemicals in his head.jones

is matthew j elliott, an illustrator & designer &c, based in philadelphia


Site design and identity for
We Are Made of Carbon, shirt design for
Colors & Background art: Namco's Legend of the Valkyrie
Promotional Material for Philadelphia Fringe Festival
Flick: A webcomic
Trufula Trees Nursery
Habitual Burger Illustrations
Cameo Series
Christmas Postcard 2013
'Good riddance to bad appendices' greeting card
'fingers' greeting card
'business satyr' greeting card
v for voltar
dental surgery greeting card
(I have never seen) sailor moon
earthworm jim
businesstime toejam


Hello! My name is Matthew Elliott, but it's also Pseudonym Jones. One name was given to me by my mother & father, the other is significantly easier to google. You can call me Matt, or Pseu, or whatever makes you most comfortable.

I specialize in making illustrations with bright colors and sharp, friendly lines. I believe in clean design — making things that are simple to navigate but not lacking in personality.


GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DRAW, a site that generates randomized drawing suggestions from a custom dictionary.

Flick, a webcomic about blood (and other things).

I'm always on the lookout for exciting new challenges. If you have a project you'd like to collaborate on, drop me a line!


  • Design for print and web
  • Proofreading and copyediting
  • Coding and scripting
  • Photoshoppery
  • Customer service
  • General Nerdiness

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